Resource Library

Information on the Resource Library page is organized as a timeline that includes the following phases: Reclaim, Reframe, Redesign, and Research & Development. While the Reclaim, Reframe, and Redesign phases tend to occur in a sequence, Research & Development is a continual process that starts at the point of reclaiming and continues through the evolution of the redesign.

Please see the sections below for a description of each phase and lists of relevant links.


Reclaim (Description): 
This section provides information about the history and motivation behind CPED and efforts to distinguish the EdD from the PhD.


Reframe (Description): 
This section focuses on the definitions and principles developed by CPED, which provide a common language as an institution begins to reframe and redefine the education doctorate.

  • Definition of the Education Doctorate 

We, the members of CPED, believe:

“The professional doctorate in education prepares educators for the application of appropriate and specific practices, the generation of new knowledge, and for the stewardship of the profession.”

With this understanding, we have identified the following working principles and design concepts that provide the architecture for program design and  focus a research and development agenda to test, refine, and validate principles for the professional doctorate in education.


Redesign (Description): 
This section provides resources for institutions that are engaged in the redesign process and are looking for “how to” information, as well as examples of work done at other institutions.

Research & Development

Research & Development (Description): 
This section includes any data that CPED or that members of CPED have gathered, including formal research studies as well as surveys from convenings. Research and Development spans the entire time of CPED and includes early work as well as current projects.